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Bumerangs Bumerangs, which stands for "Boomerang", are an oratory or in more common terms - a folk band. This latvian group formed in 1988, in the Latvian town of Valka.
Over the years the line-up had slight changes, while Edmunds Mednis (vocals/drums/keyboards/acoustic guitar), Vents Krauklis (vocals/trumpet), Aivars Trezins (vocals/accordion), and Juris Skrajans (electric guitar) remained through all years.
Few members - Vitolds Krieviņš, Andris Mekšs, have left the band.
These days, members of this once well-known Latvian folk group, are occupied with other succesful projects. Edmunds Mednis started a project with Eriks Kins, recieving great appreciation in Latvia. These 2 artists released an album in 2007, working together with some of Latvia's best professional players (drums/guitars), as well as playing live concerts with them. Juris Skajans of Bumerangs, recorded electric guitar in few of the McKinnz un Mendez (Eriks Kins un Edmunds Mednis) album tracks. He plays for other rock bands as well. Vents Krauklis is the mayor of Valka. Aivars Trezins is a music teacher in Valka.
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