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Bbq “omg” Slim was born in 1894 on a pig farm in rural Indiana. Supposedly abducted by aliens when he was 14 years old, he learned otherworldly technologies and theories of interstellar music on their ship.

In the early 1900’s, Bbq would have been thought of as practicing witchcraft or as a modern-day wizard, and being a humble country boy and staying true to his word to the aliens- he never released his music for fear of panic amongst the people and for his life if the aliens ever found out. Dug up by a Dachshund next to a KFC in a suburb of Cleveland, OH, a capsule was found- containing fourteen songs under the name of “Songs in the Key of Her Mean Free Path” by Buddhism For Robots.

Legend has it Bbq “omg” Slim traveled to the future the moment the record was created, where he has since come forward as the one true creator of the sounds. Bbq currently resides in Aurora, IL.
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