Mind Over Machine

Mind Over Machine Mind Over Machine, from Borlänge (Sweden) were active in the years of 1999 - 2001, and part of the vibrant Swedish synth scene at the turn of the millenium. The band released no studio album, but the music spread between a few dedicated fans and found its way into a couple of clubs and venues around mid Sweden.

Their first release, “Starfield”, mixed uptempo synth pop with an Amiga/tracker-scene mood. The music that followed continued on that path, leaning towards other influences such as industrial and electronic body music - with a catchy corous as their trade mark. Noteworthy releases included “Why” (a melodramatic synth pop track), “Normal” (body-influenced track with german lyrics), “Sensation” (industrial/body) and the atmospheric “Den Inre Resan”.

Mind Over Machine consisted of ex-Sauerkraut members L. Grönvall (song) and T. Nyblom (music) who teamed up with musical prodigy “Evil Janne” Söderlund (vocal, music), more known as keyboardist in Cryonic Temple and Yersina Pestis.
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