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Motivation There are at least 2 artists/band sharing the name Motivation:

1) Hardcore band from Budapest, Hungary. Motivation was formed in the beginning of 2005 intending to keep the old school hardcore spirit alive. In 2006. January they recorded their songs at BANDANAS STUDIO / Budapest and released their demo CD at DieXHard Collective Records with their first singer. After many shows they re-entered into Denevér Studio and recorded another demo tape with 7 songs and a Wide Awake cover. After the tape came out in the mid. 2007. the band gave up their first singer and took KisG a.k.a. Attila to join them on vocal. With him they re-recorded the vocal on the very same songs with a brand new lyrics and mastered a new sound at Bandanas Studio by Tizi. The CD was titled as Re-Started, Strenghted and Wised and released by HONEST FOR TRUTH RECORDS in Hungary. They wrote new songs and had a handful of shows in Budapest and some country side towns and cities. Meanwhile the band appeared on a Youth Of Today Tribute Compilation released by Embrace Records from Malaysia but on that CD still their first singer featured. A couple of months later an event happened within a band and Yoda the guitar player had left. Within a few days Motivation took Matyi, (also singing in Think Again) in this way the line up completed again and kept continue their work. By the end of 2007. Motivation recorded their brand new Cd, titled "Won't Take a Part" and came out on Cd by Fix Me Records (USA) in association of Honest For Truth Records. This Cd appears as a 7" on Fix Me Records as well. Since Motivation members are vegetarians and this diet is very important to them, they've got an offer from Decision Personal & Sacrificio Records of Mexico to be a part of a compilation, dedicated to Animal Care and Protection. But it seems the members are still not fixed because by a common agreement Matyi left the band and Motivation took Boxi to play guitar from the already broken up band called, Karatekid. With him, they went for their first 14 days long European tour in April 2008. After the tour they played continuously and recently recorded a 4 song demo for an Ep, and a split way Cd. After the recording finished Boxi left to play in another band, in this way Madar from Hold X True jumped in to help Motivation! With this current line up they've booked a couple of local shows and getting ready for their south-east Asian tour in February 2009.

2) A producer, most notably known for the track 'Para Mi'.
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