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Exorcist Exorcist was a raw speed metal act from the mid-80s, heavily inspired by Venom. It was speculated for a long time that this band was actually Virgin Steele (Noble Savage era lineup) in disguise, letting off creative steam by releasing material radically different from their other works. Another reason for the different name and disguise was the then-ongoing legal conflict with band founder Jack Starr, who had been removed from the band in favor of guitarist Edward Pursino and argued that they could no longer call themselves Virgin Steele.
While the band long disputed that they were indeed Exorcist, there is various evidence to the contrary. For one, the style played was fairly close to that of Piledriver, for whom Defeis and Pursino had been writing music at the time. For another, when the vocals weren't overly distorted by growling or studio effects, the similarities to David Defeis voice were glaring - the chorus to "Black Mass" being the most obvious example. Last of all, on the song "Fire and Ecstasy" from Virgin Steele's 2000 album "House of Atreus Act II" is actually exactly the same as the Exorcist song "Call for the Exorcist", aside from different vocals and lyrics.

2) After being influenced by the Rave scene of 1988, Ricky P aka Exorcist started on his venture to become a DJ. He played at numerous venues across London and the UK and went on to play for Impact 88.2Fm and then Eruption 101.3FM for a good few years. Since the mid 90's, Ricky has been producing music for the Abstrakt Mindz and Intelligent Mindz Record labels. At present Ricky is working on a number of projects for his Extreme Sounds Record Label ranging from Drum & Bass to Funky House which are scheduled for release throughout 2007.

3) Exorcist are also an Speed/Thrash/Death metal band from Poland, who recorded a string of Demo's in the mid to late 80's.

4) Exorcist are an Orthodox Christian industrial band from Russia.

5) Exorcist are also Czech rock band from Highlands

6) Balazs Kovacs aka Exorcist was born on October 28th 1989 in Balassagyarmat, Hungary. His passion for electronic music began through listening to artists such as The Crystal Method, The Casio Samples and Kosheen. Inspired by these sounds he started to learn production and deejaying, buying his first set of turntables in 2004. At that time he was creating and mixing Psytrance but it did not take too long for him to find the darker side of drum and bass to which he has completely devoted himself. His career began with a remix of Unexplainable Feeling by Mystification which was released by Black Hoe Recordings in 2007. At the beginning of 2008 Black Hoe Recordings released his first solo work with two tracks, Disillusion and the Braindead which were later remixed by Phony and Lean. He has been playing with John B, Neonlight, Matrix & Futurebound, Maztek, Body & Soul, Insideinfo, Commix, SpectraSoul, Jade, BTK amongst others in Europe. Since he started to work he received a lot of attention from many small labels and now he boasts a catalogue of releases by labels such as Fall Out, Mainframe, Ammunition and Black Seeds. All this is just the beginning of a very exciting future for this young artist who has even been 13th on the Beatport top 100 downloads.
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