Ритм-У Legends of Russian rap. Recorded two albums, «Розовое Небо» (Eng. «The pink sky») and «Весёлый Ритм-У» (Eng.«Cheerful Rhythm-U»), released only one of which, «Весёлый Ритм-У»

Participants band: Дядя Звонкий & Автобус.

Band «RITM-U» was founded in 1992. After releasing the album he was offered a long-term contract, the terms of which Автобус did not agree to take and left the group. Дядя Звонкий began his parallel project "Дерево Жизни" (Eng. «Tree of Life») in the 1997-meters, they took 1 st place at RapMusic. Was the album «Вещий Сон» (eng. «prophetic dream»). Later, they fled: Маленький Мук in «Бланж», Деловой in «Сценокардия», Дядя Звонкий for some time engaged in «Alkofunk», and upon his departure from rap, writes text and is aranzhirovoy.
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