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Roll The Dice meets Pole

Roll The Dice meets Pole A collaboration between the Stockholm based duo Roll The Dice (Peder Mannerfelt and Malcolm Pardon) and Pole. In 2012 they released a three track EP called In Dubs containing reworkings of tracks from Roll The Dice's album In Dust.

With plenty of musical history and an unfettered passion for contemporary club tracks Stefan Betke a.k.a. Pole is probably best known for his minimal dub sounds between the clicks and cuts of modern electronica. While the origins of Pole hail back to the summer of 1996, when he accidentally dropped his near legendary “Waldorf 4-Pole” filter (which, in its newly damaged state, began to generate seductively unpredictable crackles), Betke’s musical playing field covers a much broader spectrum.

An active remixer, label owner, musician, DJ, mastering engineer, promoter, studio owner and producer, all of Betke’s outlets are governed by his urge to distil the substance of sounds and ideas, irrespective of any scenes. For Betke it’s the content which counts, rarely the environment it was generated in. This is mirrored by both the titles of his previous albums, which were kept deliberately simple (blue/1997, red/1999, yellow/2000) to avoid any distraction from their actual content, and his very personal selection of other projects.
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