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Bandera Latina

Bandera Latina Bandera Latina specializes in Rumba Flamenca, a style derived from flamenco and made popular by the Gipsy Kings. Beside this they play a wide variety of styles. Another important influence is Italian music. This can be found in their program in the many Italian songs the band plays. On the whole, Bandera Latina, chooses it's covers with care, avoiding the obvious choices and instead opting for the more obscure (but often beautiful) songs from the Spanish and Italian repertoire. The program is constructed and chosen with care to include only those covers that have added value. Although Bandera Latina plays a lot of dance music they are not a 'party' band as such. A more accurate description would be to call them a stylish world music group that plays lively music.

Main focal point of the band's music is the virtuoso guitar style of Salvatore Giuseppe Sichi. With his unique style, using techniques and influences from Flamenco, classical and Jazz, his soloing style captures the audience
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