Seven Red Seven

Seven Red Seven Seven Red Seven was a synthpop band formed in the early 1990s, consisting of two Chicago natives, Mitchell Adrian & David Michael. After two releases that garnered only minor success, the pair moved on to producing albums for other acts.

Their first album, Shelter, was released in 1991 on Speed Records. Minor hits from the album were Thinking of You and That Way Again, which both were released as singles, in 1991 and 1992, respectively. The album blended synthpop, industrial and even some techno sounds into a sound reminiscent of bands like Cause & Effect, Cetu Javu and Anything Box. The second album - Bass State Coma, released in 1994, saw the pair moving further into an industrial/techno sound. The title track was released (in remixed form only) on the CD single Acceleration.7. The other track to see single release was Superstition, a cover of the Stevie Wonder song.
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