Biri Biri

Biri Biri Biribiri are such biribiri. They met in Crete in early 2003 and began with concerts on the island, soon went on performances in the rest of Greece. Trumpets, tenor saxophone, woodblocks, bongos, timbales, shakers, cowbell, cymbals, cajon, pandero, darbouka, Chinese gong, rudal heater, drums, guitar, bass and vocals barely fit in the band's debut album. The record includes 11 selected tracks with a strong dance mood.

biribiri are:
vocals: Mihail-Paul Mihailos
guitar: Manos Kamaratos
bass: Yorgos Diapoulis
drums: Vasilis Papadourakis
trumpet, rudal heater: Simeon Delikaris-Manias
trumpet, woodblocks: Nikos Lavranos
tenor saxophone: Yorgos Tsotsis
bongos, congas, timbales, shaker, cowbell, cymbals : Christos Sayient
sound engineer: Markos Pinakoulakis
art: iason for
website: Christina, Yiannis for
guest percussionist: cajon, pandero, darbouka, small chinese Gong: Yiannis Moutsakis
frame drum: Yiannis Papayianoulis

from time to time biribiri:
bass: Stamatis Kirlakitsis
percussion : Antreas Konstantinou
didgeridoo: Nikos Krokidis
gaida: Dimitris Rempapis
Fender Rhodes: Nikos Pamouktsoglou
percussion: Jo
live sound engineer: Tasos Papiomutoglou
recording engineer: Ottomo
recording engineers: Katerina & Eleni
photographers: Alex G., Vasiliki E., Jennie K. and Maria K.
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