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Banzai Banzai biography
Along with fellow countrymen MACHIAVEL, BANZAI were a Belgian quintet from the mid-70's of the typical GENESIS/YES school of prog. They made one album and then disbanded after their record company went bankrupt. Their music features elaborate compositions with layered keyboards, melodic guitar solos reminiscent of Jan Akkerman's, and high-pitched vocals that will immediately remind listeners of Jon Anderson. The band consisted of Peter Torfs on keyboards and vocals, John M.C. O. on guitars, Ludwig Kemat on percussion and alto sax, Evert Verhees on bass and vocals, and Erry Foix on drums and percussion.

The cd version of their album "Hora Nata" contains everything the band has ever recorded: 5 lengthy pieces subdivided into smaller parts plus 6 bonus tracks that are slightly more accessible than the rest. This material is not very original by today's standards but the musicianship is solid, featuring lots of Hammond organ and even a brass section.

Recommended if you like classic 70's symphonic prog with lots of organ, old keyboard sounds, jamming guitars, some quirky rhythms and lots of breaks.
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