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Bankstatement Longtime Genesis keyboardist/composer has long since been underrated as far as his importance to the sound Genesis goes, but sadly his solo career has also lacked the well deserved attention due him.

On Tony's Fifth album simply called Bankstatement probably threw off potential customers from the Genesis school, by not naming his album Tony Banks's Bankstatement, but nevertheless, the album was not heavily promoted by Atlantic Records, so the album sunk like every other album he has done ever since.

Produced by ex-Gong glissando extraordinaire Steve Hilliage, upon that credit one would automatically assume that Bankstatement would have been a progressive rock album in the vein of past progressive glory that Tony's been involved in, but Bankstatement is very similar to the work he has done with Genesis during the period, featuring the reedy voice of Alaistair Gordon and beautiful soprano of the lovely Jayney Klimek, which works well throughout the album.

Other well known names are on Bankstatement, Pino Pallidino, ex-It Bites Dick Nolan, Gary Barnacle and Martin Ditchman are amongst those whom perform their magic on the album.

Tony even takes on the vocals on the quirky "Big Man" which is a nice tidbit....

Whether its Tony not owning up to his progressive rock reputation or Tony's is just try to cash in, Bankstatement despite being a wonderful POP record, it does very little to exude confidence within the progressive rock circle.

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