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Feels Like July

Feels Like July Formed in November of 2002, and many lineup changes later, Feels Like July maintains the one thing they always have had; a unique sound and style. Breaking free from what has been considered popular music in the local scene, Feels Like July brings you something different to listen to, they bring you a fresh breath of pure rock and roll. When asked to describe Feels Like July, friends and fans simply cannot seem to put one label on them, or even compare them to a single band. It is this that has given this young band out of South Shore, Massachusetts their rising success. With an average age of 18 years old, Feels Like July hasn't even reached the prime of their talents. On the heels of finally releasing a full length album due out in the Summer of 2007, Feels Like July is ready to fuse the power of rock and roll back into the souls of each and every one of you. Ya dig?
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