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Reanimator More than one artist shares this name.

* Death Metal band from Turnertown, WV
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* for the 80's British thrash metal band 'Re-Animator' see the correct page at:

1. Low profile hip-hop producer who is best known for producing a number of songs for indie rapper sage francis, especially on his 2005 album A Healthy Distrust. In 2003 he released a full length instrumental record called Music to Slit Wrists By. It was originally only pressed in a very limited amount of copies but due to popular demand it was later re-released in 2005.

2. An electronics duo from Portland whose work has been favourably compared to Pan Sonic.

3. Thrash metal band from Canada. They released their first full-length "Ignorance Is No Excuse "in 2009.

4. Death metal band from Slovakia, which appeared in 1991, later changed to sort of Industrial death-Fusion-Thrash. They released only 2 demos and split up after 1996. More information available here:

5. Hardcore-Thrash band from Incheon/Seoul, South Korea.
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