Abu Bakr Salem

Abu Nurah

Abu Nurah Abu Nurah grew up in Los Angeles' notorious Pico-Union neighborhood. Despite the frequent violence, he was blessed to find refuge in the books and in hip hop. From an early age, Abu Nurah had a strong connection to hip hop culture, twice placing first at his school's annual break-dancing competition. In the mid-eighties, soon after listening to the Fat Boys, he began to shift his focus to writing rhymes. After high school, Abu Nurah went on to study at Harvard, where he continued to perfect his rhyming skills, taking advantage of the studio in his dorm's basement to record a few tracks. Through his music, Abu Nurah strives to go beyond calling attention to injustices and other ills that plague humanity. He promotes solutions, chief among them that truth, not violence, is the best weapon in the fight for justice.
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