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Aamir There are at least 2 Artists named Aamir:

Music is what feelings sound like. Walt Whitman wrote, “Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.” This resonates on many levels for people who love music.

As for many of us, soul music has always been the compelling influence for Aamir. As a listener and a solo artist, the imprint of the culture is undeniable.

Born in the 80’s, Aamir grew with in a time where many of the soul greats had established themselves to leave a strong effect on music history. Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and Donny Hathaway to name a few. The general consensus of the time was a musical movement and we feel the ripples today. The art of many have charged powerful emotions; not only within the people that had watched them form, but new generations that are creating their own music today.

Aamir was raised in West London, born to parents of South East Asian origin. His father and uncles carried the musical bloodline, being classical Indian singers and skilled in performing with Indian instruments. As well as this, he was raised on devotional music from greats such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the world’s most celebrated qawwal.

Starting musically at school with the violin, this gave way early on for Aamir’s real love to sing which he started seriously at 15. He was briefly the bass in a vocal harmony group at this time, after that disbanded, Aamir took up the piano and his solo career as an all in one singer/songwriter/musician/producer, began.

Soul music was the blueprint to Aamir engineering his own musical journey.

As Aamir grew, the ripples from the early greats had created a new world which contested old barriers. D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill, Dru Hill and prevalent artists such as Michael Jackson and The Beatles. This strong array of artists that still dominate music today, coupled with appreciation of conscious hiphop artists such as Mos Def, Tab Kweli and Common all formed how Aamir writes and delivers to his audiences today.

Armed with solid background in Music Production and Technology, today, Aamir is an all in one freelance singer/songwriter/musician/producer who masters piano/keyboards. His music production work has spanned different genres with many respected up and coming artists. When you hear it, it’s easy to see how his all in one talent has the acclaimed reputation that it has.

Live shows see Aamir Music at it’s best; a heady mix of soul/jazz accompanied with a live band. Resonance with soul music is clear, however, it would be foolhardy to pigeonhole Aamir’s music. In Aamir’s own words, he says his music “..goes beyond the common stereotypes attached to it”.

Often described as exciting, captivating, soothing and passionate, it’s clear there’s more under the surface for us to extract from the paradox that is Aamir Music. Aamir calls his work, “..a melting pot of all my musical influences and experiences held together by the common denominator of passion and soul.”

Aamir is currently in the studio and performing at locations around the UK. He invites you on his journey with him.. with Peace and Blessings.

By Karen Fielding


Aamir is an US Independent HipHop Emcee.
He is part of a Group called "the Escape Artists" ,
together with his friend Xczircles and his girl Ahmuse.

Label: Cathexis Records/SIQ Records
Westcoast, Project Blowed

Aamir of Escape Artists drops his debut solo album on SIQ Records! Hip hop for the avant-garde crowd and definitely full of inventive and imaginative production with appearances by Bigg Jus, 2Mex, K-the-I, Ellay Khule and guest production from Nomar Slevik, Factor, Xzcircles, DJ extend and more! Fans won't want to pass this one up...it definitely blew me away!!


Aamir-Underwater regions 2008
Xczircles & Aamir-swan storm & quiet after the storm 2cd 2010


Aamir-within all this silence 2010 (for free d/l http://nothresholdrecords.com/)
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