Siksakubur Brutal death metal band from Indonesia.

SIKSAKUBUR formed in 6 july 1996. With Lineup: Andyan Gorust (Drums) - Ade Godel (Guitar / Voc) - Mbenk (guitar) - Burgenk (Bass). SK name is taken from Sepultura (which means grave in portugese), the band that became benchmark their music, the band debuted in UNDERGROUND events and started attract the attention of DEATH METAL music lovers, from july to september 1996 SIKSAKUBUR started recording their debut in studio called K - pack studio 9 songs poured in an album called The Carnage, was released and distributed by EXTREME SOUL PRODUCTION in a cassette & CD. The album received positive responses from the observers of the music of this album in particular UNDERGROUND 1000 copies sold 500 copies of CDs & cassettes, although the quality of this album is not due to lack of recording studio equipment.
Success with his first album in November 2001 to record 9 songs SIKSAKUBUR and spiked with 1 (intro) which is poured into a second album BACK TO Vengeance ROTTREVORE distributed by the records in a tape format, including the sale of this fantastic album within 1 month it has sold 750 copies of the tape although the results of the program is still recording less than perfect but better than the first album. SIKSAKUBUR began reaching events in Indonesia, especially the island of Java to Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi & Other Cities.

Formation album Carnage and The Vengeance is BACK TO Japra (vocals), Andyan gorust (drums), Ade Godel (guitar), Burgenk (Bass) but after the second album released Godel ADE SIKSAKUBUR resigned because he could not share his time with the band, followed by with BURGENK who resigned from the band because they have to continue studies abroad. This position is replaced by Andre who is also guitarist and Yudhi REVITOL ex-AUTHORITY duck, with this formation SIKSAKUBUR out the album titled third album CRY EYE was released and distributed by ROTTREVORE records in CD and cassette format that makes the album more attention SIKSAKUBUR of the mass and electronic media. SIKSAKUBUR penetrated events UNDERGROUND event not only just but that event is not until stage UNDERGROUND SIKSAKUBUR school art into Headliner in this event as evidence that DEATH METAL music played by SIKSAKUBUR started getting more attention, not only in Indonesia but to other countries especially SINGAPORE and MALAYSIA. Since july in 2005 SIKSAKUBUR became headline on a metal event in Singapore.

Carnage and the album THE BACK TO Vengeance finally released by FROM BEYOND record (Netherlands) This is a sub label of DISPLASEDrec which is one of the major labels in the American Metal this album is packed into a CD which is distributed not only in ASIA but European and American continents. > After more than 10 years work in Indonesia Blantika metal SIKSAKUBUR has released the 4th AlbumPodi THE Carnage, BACK TO Vengeance, EYE CRY and a podium which is also the last album from the drummer and founder SIKSAKUBUR the ANDYAN GORUST. But after a difficult and time masa2 drummer search, SIKSAKUBUR finally got a new drummer that is PRAMA [ex-ALEXANDER.LAST Suffer]. But the problem is not finished, even YUDI DUCK resigned due to work, but EWIN (ex, Bloody Gore / COB / Extracensory) immediately replace him. and SIKSAKUBUR was ready to come back with this new formation .... so WATCH OUT!!
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