Watsky- Difference is the Differences (Dr. Dre "What's the Difference" Remix) Mp3 [3:28]
Watsky- Moral of the Story Mp3 [4:07]
Watsky- IDGAF Mp3 [3:54]
Watsky- Rich Girl Mp3 [3:50]
100 Words You Could Say Instead of Swag - Watsky Mp3 [4:18]
[AWESOME] Pale Kid Fast rapper - G Watsky Mp3 [1:29]
Let's Practice! Pale Kid Raps Fast - Gwatsky (slowed down w/ scrolling lyrics) Mp3 [12:22]
Watsky- Sloppy Seconds Mp3 [4:10]
Watsky- Ninjas in Paris Mp3 [1:54]
George Watsky- Lonely Hearts Club Mp3 [5:43]
slow rap? Mp3 [1:29]
Watsky- Wounded Healer (Deer Tick Sample) Mp3 [3:06]
Watsky- Strong as an Oak Mp3 [4:15]
Watsky-Ninjas in Paris Official video Mp3 [1:52]
Kick Monday (In the Nutsack)- Watsky & Mody ft. Wax Mp3 [4:15]
Fast Rapper George Watsky Mp3 [2:20]
Watsky ft. Pat Dimitri- Amazing Grace Mp3 [2:40]
3 fastest rapper (G.Watsky,Mac Lethal and Ksicfaces) Mp3 [5:07]
Watsky- Show Goes On (Lupe Fiasco mini-mix) Mp3 [1:55]

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