TÝR - Hold The Heathen Hammer High (Official) Mp3 [4:55]
TYR - Sinklars Visa Mp3 [4:55]
Týr "The Lay of Our Love" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Mp3 [3:45]
Týr - Ragnarok - Full Album - [2006] Mp3 [68:39]
Tyr - Cemetery Gates (Pantera cover) Mp3 [7:26]
Týr "Blood of Heroes" (OFFICIAL) Mp3 [3:42]
Tyr - By The Sword In My Hand Mp3 [4:50]
TYR - How far to Asgaard [FULL ALBUM] Mp3 [63:33]
Týr - Eric The Red - Full Album - [2003] Mp3 [71:05]
Interview with Terji & Gunnar of TYR Mp3 [12:23]
Black Sabbath TYR (Full album) Mp3 [40:40]
TYR - Regin Smidur Mp3 [6:09]
Tyr - Regin Smidur Mp3 [6:09]
10: Tyr - The Lay Of Thrym Mp3 [6:50]
Tyr - Where Eagles Dare (Iron Maiden cover) 2013 Mp3 [6:27]
TÝR "Blood of Heroes" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Mp3 [3:42]
Tyr - Tróndur í Gøtu Mp3 [4:03]
TYR - The Evening Star of Valhalla Rising Mp3 [5:07]
SMITE : God Reveal - Tyr, The Lawgiver Mp3 [6:52]
SMITE Tyr Gameplay - "Owwwwwww" Mp3 [55:59]

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