F. Schubert - Salve Regina Mp3 [3:00]
Art Cappella: Franz Schubert - Salve Regina Mp3 [3:14]
Lisa Larsson - Schubert - Salve Regina Mp3 [9:06]
Robev Choir - Salve Regina, Franz Schubert, Conductor Neli Trosheva, HD Quality Mp3 [3:26]
Franz Schubert - D.676, Salve Regina in A Major Mp3 [9:17]
SALVE REGINA - Schubert Mp3 [3:50]
Robev Choir BG - "Salve Regina", F.Schubert, Minoritenkirche Vienna 2010 Mp3 [3:23]
Franz Schubert - Salve Regina in la magg. op. 153 - Olga Angelillo soprano Mp3 [9:12]
Halásztelki Bel Canto Kamarakórus Salve Regina (Schubert) Mp3 [3:15]
Salve Regina - mottetto a 4 voci miste di F. Schubert (1797-1828) Mp3 [3:10]
Wiener Sängerknaben Schubert, Salve Regina Mp3 [6:03]
Schubert Salve Regina Mp3 [3:47]
Salve Regina (Franz Schubert) Mp3 [3:33]
Franz Schubert - Salve Regina in A major, D676 Mp3 [9:49]
Franz Schubert, "Salve Regina" - Olga Shurshina Mp3 [10:27]
Salve regina in B flat major- Franz Schubert-Bekhit Fahim Mp3 [2:47]
Franz Schubert : Salve Regina for Soprano and String Quartet, Opus 153 Mp3 [9:01]
Schubert: Salve regina Mp3 [2:40]
Schubert - Salve Regina Mp3 [9:04]

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