Oginski Farewell To Homeland

"Pożegnanie ojczyzny" ("Farewell of the Homeland") - Ogiński Mp3 [2:54]
Oginski . The polonaise,Farewell to Homeland Mp3 [3:09]
Michal Oginski - Polonaise Farewell Mp3 [3:01]
Ogiński - The Polonaise, Farewell To Homeland Mp3 [3:10]
Polonaise by Oginski - 'A Farewell to the Homeland' Mp3 [3:38]
Oginski , The polonaise, Farewell to Homeland Mp3 [3:16]
Michał Kleofas Ogiński - Pożegnanie Ojczyzny (Farewell to Homeland) Mp3 [2:48]
Mikhail Kleofas Oginski - Polonaise Farewell to Homeland (Full) Mp3 [2:09]
Farewell to Homeland, Oginski (high quality) Mp3 [6:17]
Michael Kleofas Oginski : Polonaise '' Farewell to the Fatherland '' for Orchestra Mp3 [2:49]
Oginski - Polonaise Farewell to Homeland (Pozegnanie Ojczyzny) Mp3 [4:14]
Oginski , The polonaise, Farewell to Homeland Mp3 [3:14]
Ivan Docenko plays Oginski's Polonaise - Pozegnanie Ojczyzny [Farewell to the Homeland} Mp3 [5:24]
Oginski - Polonaise "A Farewell to the Homeland" Mp3 [2:05]
Oginski, Farewell To Homeland by Nargiz Qazi Mp3 [3:52]
"A farewell to the Homeland" Michal Ogiński Mp3 [4:51]
Polonaise-Farewell to the HomeLand Mp3 [3:18]
Michael Kleophas Oginski, Polonaise Pożegnanie Ojczyzny (A Farewell to the Homeland) Mp3 [2:47]
Michael Kleophas Oginski Polonaise by Ommid Shersei Mp3 [2:43]
Adzia - Ogiński - Farewell to homeland - Pożegnanie Ojczyzny.wmv Mp3 [3:33]

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