Dj Sait

Stardust Utopia [Vocal Off/Karaoke] With Lyrics Mp3 [4:21]
Hunter X Hunter Pray Mp3 [1:05]
[Megurine luka - утопия звездной пыли] rus sub Mp3 [4:22]
Hakuouki Sekkaroku Ending 3 - The End of Struggle - [LYRICS + Full Japanese Voice Cover] Mp3 [3:56]
【Project DIVA Arcade】Stardust Utopia ~Megurine Luka~ Mp3 [3:09]
うぱとじゅんじゅんと時々めんばー【咲いて咲いて切り裂いて】 Mp3 [3:42]
Belphegor - Bloody Prince Mp3 [4:00]
Stardust Utopia ・ 星屑ユートピア Piano (Pianoloid) Mp3 [4:21]
Buck-Tick - Angelfish Mp3 [4:29]
Stardust Utopia~ Megurine Luka live 【English Sub+Lyrics+MP3】 Mp3 [3:17]
Kenpachi Zaraki - Come to Like It. This Fight Now. (lyrics & translation, slovenský preklad) Mp3 [3:44]
Bleach - COME to LIKE it.This FIGHT Now. (Kenpachi Zaraki Song) Mp3 [3:39]
Ouran High School Host Club Ending! (Textless) Mp3 [1:12]
【鏡音リン】 Sister's Noise 【とある科学の超電磁砲S】 Mp3 [4:22]
Ouran high ending theme Mp3 [1:08]
Cardinal Rex Jim Lawson ~ "Bere Bote - Tom Kirisite - Nume Inye" Mp3 [9:41]
「ユッリ」シザーハンズを歌ってみた「LYRICS] Mp3 [4:36]
Gale (Tsuyoshi Koyama Vocal) Mp3 [3:52]
Fullmetal Alchemist - Melissa (Speeded 50%) Mp3 [2:56]
[Vocaloid] Kaito-Shissou Mp3 [2:37]

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