40 HZ

Bass Test - 40Hz (5min Test Tone) Mp3 [5:01]
Gamma 40 hz Isochronic Sine Wave 1 Hour Mp3 [59:59]
Binaural Beats - Concentration 1 hour session - 40hz pure Mp3 [60:06]
Slavenc - 40Hz to 100Hz ALL Gamma waves PROGRESSIVE (Gamma Binaural Beats with progressive increase) Mp3 [60:25]
Pure Tone - Gamma Waves - 40 hz - Binaural Beat - HD - ASMR Mp3 [60:01]
1hr Gamma Binaural Beat Session (40hz) ~ Pure Mp3 [60:00]
40 hz Mp3 [1:01]
Virtual Coffee - 40Hz Isochronic Gamma Frequency - WAKE UP!!! Mp3 [15:01]
Gamma 40 hz Isochronic Sine Wave Mp3 [15:01]
40hz meditation audio Mp3 [10:01]
Premium Binaural Beats ~ Laser Focus Pure Tone (40 Hz) Gamma Mp3 [60:01]
Binaural Beats: Powerful Concentration, Focus & Manifestation - Gamma 40 Hz Mp3 [9:41]
Katy perry Dark horse Slowed @ 40 hz Mp3 [5:02]
No Sticks No Seeds - Bass Boosted in 40Hz Mp3 [3:34]
✦ WARNING! Extremely Powerful 3rd Eye Binaural - Cleanse Pineal Gland - 40hz GAMMA FREQUENCY ✦ Mp3 [60:01]
1 hr Gamma Binaural Beat Session (40hz) - pure Mp3 [60:01]
Lucid Dream Training with Gamma Wave Binaural Beat - 40Hz Mp3 [9:55]
1hr Gamma Binaural + Isochronic Pulse (40hz) Mp3 [60:01]
Wake Back To Bed Lucid Dreaming I (6.3Hz, OM, 40Hz & solfeggio 3rd eye dream alarm) Mp3 [94:00]
40hz Gamma Waves - Isochronic Tones Mp3 [30:01]

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